The History of Online Casino Deposit Methods

Choosing an online casino deposit method can be as daunting as selecting an online casino. The initial five years of operation of online casinos since 1997 was a generous one because players could consume the entire balance of a credit card paying gambling debts. Starting May 2002, the companies managing Visa and MasterCard were starting to hinder all credit card transactions at online casinos.

In June 2002, New York Attorney General Elliot Spitzer placed too much pressure on Citibank, the leading credit card provider. Not only that, Canada and US states were not forcing gamblers to repay their debts. This was stopping the banks from filing cases to recover their losses. Things were getting out of hand for both credit card providers and online casinos.

PayPal, a third-party financing company, seemed to be the most reasonable escape for gamblers who are still looking to gamble using their credit cards. When eBay purchased PayPal, Elliot Spitzer started to pressure the company as well to put an end to credit card deposits. eBay succumbed to the pressure and PayPal paid $200,000 in damages.

Currently, there is a proliferation of third-party online casino deposit methods similar to PayPal. Some of these companies accept credit card transactions while some do not. Some collect fees for making deposits, while others charge for instant access. FirePay, NETeller, Click 2 Pay, and Money Bookers allow conditional withdrawals. Nowadays, some U.S. players are likewise allowed to use their debit cards at specific online casinos. Although this may not be true, the bottom line is that gambling with money that you have is not a big deal as gambling with debt.

NETeller, Click2Pay, Money Bookers, 900Pay, eWallet Xpress, InstaDebit, ECO Card, and Bank Drafts are safe and reliable online casino deposit methods that are presently supported by a wide range of online gambling websites. Majority of these websites provide bonus schemes for players who use these optional payment modes by usually giving 10 – 15% bonuses on all deposit transactions. Likewise, the expenses for using these payment options are usually covered by the online casino.

Whatever online casino deposit method you choose, you need to check the individual websites to browse over the complete terms and conditions aside from the guidelines for using their service. You need to do this because the deposit policies may vary from one casino to another.

In the end, you will realize that playing poker or blackjack in online casinos is not only entertaining but also profitable.

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